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User Guide

Deployment and Handling

The is optimized for intuitive user guidance and simple implementation and configuration. Nevertheless, as a complex enterprise content management system, it needs some tutorial and support. Under these points we describe the in its details and explain its handling:

  • Editorial
    Create new and edit existing contents.
  • Home
    The opening page of the system.
  • Sites
    Choose a page you wish to edit.
  • New
    Create new pages, navigation items, documents and so on...
  • Edit
    Edit the properties of pages, navigation items, documents, categories and so on...
  • Publish
    Check in objects and publish pages, navigation items, documents, categories for the Live-System.
  • Extras
    Administrate members for your Internet-presentation and create and send personal newsletters.
  • Admin
    Administrate the system and its users.
  • Help
    Use our wide helparea with its documents and forum.
  • Tools
    Edit you presentation in WYSIWYG-mode.
  • Search